The new release of NSX (codename Transformers) with a unified code stream (#vdm30in30 – day 4)


There has been some talk in the past about unifying the NSX-MH and NSX-v code under a single code base. Currently they are two separate products, which creates a certain amount of head scratching on the deployment side.

It looks like this has finally been resolved in the new code release. The codename for the new release is called NSX Transformers.

There is now the ability to have vSphere or KVM as hypervisor choices and have a single transport zone for both.

I especially like the fact that you can have NSX Edge on baremetal, essentially creating your own hardware VTEP.


Some highlights:

  • REST API using JSON based encoding
  • Bare metal or virtual edge gateways
  • Tiered routing
  • Multi-Hypervisor
  • No reliance on vCenter
  • Distributed/Centralized routing

NSX Transformers 1.0 release is targeted at existing NSX-MH customers. A later release will bring existing NSX for vSphere customers onto the unified code train with a unified and on-par feature capability.

See the link for docs and downloads here:


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