VMware documentation resources (#vdm30in30 – day 2)


This started from a discussion on the vExpert slack channel at 5AM about documentation and it started to get a bit long winded as I posted links and references in the slack channel.

The context was in relation to having an open framework for building VMware related documentation and what the available resources are for that. So for the benefit of all interested, I have decided to post the references in a blog instead.

So without delay, here they are below:

If you want to go with the excel format, you should check out an oldie but goodie; NetworkDNA.


This is not VMware specific, but you will be able to use some of the framework for your own purposes.

To quickly grab some information from vCenter and output it to word or a PDF, use this documentation script: http://carlwebster.com/download/8259/

The release notes for it are here: http://blogs.serioustek.net/vcenter-documentation

RVTools also lets you easily grab info from vCenter: http://www.robware.net/

VMware has the Solution Enablement Toolkits for partners. I find some of them useful as a starting point. Depending on your competencies, you will have access to specific ones. To access them, log into partner central  and click on content, then search for SET.




VCE also has some excellent document template resources if you are a partner.

Visio Cafe is a good spot for stencils


as is graffletopia if you use Omnigraffle on  a Mac. My preference for diagramming.


Eric Siebert has a good list of tools here. Some help with documentation.


Here are some more VMware stencils


Then, don’t forget the VMware Validated Designs as a resource


Cisco has the VMware related CVDs that offer another perspective


The VCAT is extremely useful as a framework


And lastly, the ultimate resource for creating VMware documentation frameworks:

IT Architect: Foundation in the Art of Infrastructure Design: A Practical Guide for IT Architects




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