Destination VCDX6-NV (#vdm30in30 day 1)


In the 1990s, I saw the dawn of the internet. I experienced the rush of hopes and dreams and possibilities. The tech bubbles, the mad scientists, the boisterous personalities that were larger than life. In the 90’s, we were living in the dreams of pioneers and frauds, cyberpunks and techno-anarchists.

In the minds of the public, it was an era of modern technological optimism that had not been seen since the late 1960’s when Stanley Kubrick’s 2001: A Space Odyssey was released.

The late 1990’s and 2000’s saw a change in perspective from “anything is possible” to “what we create, is possible”. I think that it was that shift in ownership of the future that went from external to internal. The people no longer expected to be saved by flying cars and virtual reality and the real nature of modern technology started to emerge. The tech bubble had burst and people started focussing on real issues. Social interaction was being changed forever as social networks and communication methods changed. That was the beginning of abstracting (realtime) ideas and dialog from the traditional means like speech.

I started working with VMware software in the early 2000’s and I saw what was to be the dawn of a new mindset. Abstraction. Taking an idea and making it exist anywhere.

Servers on commodity hardware. Applications modelled in virtual labs on a laptop and ported to production with no code changes. The concept of storage radically altered by being software defined. And now, the network being abstracted and overlaid.

We are at a point in history, where there will be a dramatic shift how we see and consume computing. What we create is what is possible. There are no precedents for what we can achieve.

I am lucky enough to work for a company that is forward thinking and willing to invest in the future (Scalar Decisions). Scalar is betting large on software defined networking and understands what it means to the industry.

Having been focussed in the virtualization practice for over a decade, I jumped at the opportunity to realign and refocus on the emerging technology. I have been down the VCDX-DCV path for a few years and I managed to obtain my VCAP5-DCD and VCAP5-DCA last year. I have my VCDX design fundamentally built, but I haven’t had the time to submit and do a defense yet.

An interesting thing about obtaining your VCDX is that once you do the defense once, you only have to submit your design for another track. You don’t have to defend a second time, unless of course you do your VCDX-NV first. In that case you do have to defend a second time.

My goal is for dual VCDX (DCV and NV), so this is the path I will follow:

Complete VCP6-NV exam [done]

Complete VCIX6-NV exam [pending]

Complete VCDX5-DCV design and defense [pending]

Complete VCDX6-NV design [pending]

There is no design component to the VCIX-NV, as there is for other tracks. That is covered by the VCDX.

Now that I have completed the VCP6-NV, I am in the process of doing the NSX Ninja training, which is an intense 2 week course that preps for the VCIX6-NV. This starts tomorrow morning.



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