VDM30in30 Inaugural post – The road ahead


Last vdm30in30 was very hard to keep up with. A factor I find difficult is to continually come up with relevant and interesting content that people actually want to read on a regular basis. I think that pacing oneself is important and also having a theme is helpful.

I can’t say for sure that I’ll complete all 30 days, but I will put my hat in and try.  Why, you may ask? Well, I lay out the reasons.

1> Because right now I am the busiest I have been in my professional career, doing some of the most complex projects I have worked on.

2> It is because I don’t have the time, that I need to make the time.

3> As well, being so busy, there are a lot of ideas rolling around in my head and if I can pen down some of them in between breaths, then I not only help myself solidify what I am thinking, but I may even help someone else in the process.

So what am I working on now thats eating up my time:

For one; Nutanix, Nutanix, Nutanix. I’ve got about 4 large Nutanix deployments coming up with scopes including VMware Horizon View greenfield environments, Cloud Pods with Horizon Workspace and F5 SSO, Acropolis to VMware and VMware to Acropolis migrations.

I am also working towards my Nutanix Platform Expert certification, which although that has taken a bit of a detour because of other engagements, it is still on the plate.

I am working on several UCS / FlexPod / VSPEX / vBlock designs and deployments. I love UCS and I’m diving into many non-standard designs that I’ll be developing validated designs for.

Another big one is my VCDX certification. I am finalizing the design submission for it and will have that done later this year, for an early defense next year.

I am also writing a book on embracing risk and how it applies to IT Architecture Design. It has a planned release at VMWorld 2016. I will definitely provide some tidbits and teasers from it.

So thats it for day one. Come back tomorrow for a blog on validated designs and where to get them and why you would want them.

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