VCAP5-DCA – Achievement Unlocked!



Finally I have completed my second VCAP after doing my VCAP5-DCD a few months back, I decided that I was going to continue on down the road of certification.

To recap, I got knocked down on my first attempt of my VCAP-DCD, but then I changed strategies slightly and was able to comeback a month later and beat it down.

The same thing happened again with my VCAP-DCA. I got knocked down the first attempt, but then worked on my weaknesses and came back 2 weeks later for the win.


There are so many resources out there for study, that it seems like you have to study everything to really know your stuff. However, I think that doing the most common “advanced tasks” quickly is the key to passing.

Yes, you do need to know about orchestrator workflows and SATP claim rules and vFRC and other things, but it’s not an exam on depth of understanding. It is an exam on outcomes.

How quickly and accurately can you do your job for the most common scenarios experienced by the VMware GSS team when escalated to a senior engineer.

I think that I will still keep reading and studying the materials even though I have passed already. I had to look a lot of things up in the documentation and KB articles which are provided in the exam. I would have like to know everything off the top of my head, but syntax and caveats etc, can really ruin your day.















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