VMware Horizon Crowdchat – April 15th 2015


Today in a crowdchat we had just under 100 people online with about 2000 people viewing the livestream. There were a total of 7 question posed to the group about the landscape, trends, etc. Below are the list of questions, followed by a link to the whole transcript.

Q1: Is the cloud an enabler or hurdle for IT for rolling out scalable end user computing?

Q2: Why should an enterprise organization consider virtual desktops and app virtualization now? What’s changed?

Q3: What is the significance of “app transformation?” What does this even mean?

Q4: What are my options for integrating mobile and desktop management technologies?

Q5: What are the new features available with VMware Horizon 6?

Q6: Multi-part free for all 🙂
How does Horizon 6 integrate with Virtual SAN?

Q7: Final Question: What are some desktop and app virtualization best practices? Where can I get help upgrading Horizon 6?

Below is a transcript of the crowdchat


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