VCAP5-DCD Exam Prep – part 2 (Achievement Unlocked!)

vcap-pass So I’m glad I can finally say this now, but I passed the exam. I didn’t blog about my first attempt because I was pretty disheartened at the time. However, after reading through many VMTN posts that said this is actually a very common occurrence. 

So I read all the books, took the courses, watched the Pluralsight videos, VMware videos, created many design, worked in the field, you name it. So how could have I failed the first time? Not only fail but get steamrolled by it. The answer is time management.

My exam was 42 questions, 7 design scenarios and 1 master design. Total time 300 minutes. Recommended time is 15 mins per design scenario and 30 mins for the master design. So this equals 135 minutes for design and 165 mins for the other 35 questions. On average this is about 4.7mins per question

There is a lot of reading involved. I used a speed reading practice tool (web based) daily as well as right before the exam.

Here it is below:

Next step was to do every review question and the “do you know this?” questions in the VCAP5-DCD Official Cert Study Guide. There are about 140 questions between those two.

Then I did all the design scenarios from 

I timed each one to see how long the reading, writing / designing and comprehension / questions took for each question. On average it was 6 mins reading, 15 mins designing and 8 mins doing questions related to it. So about 30 mins per scenario.

Things to note:vcap5-dcd

1> Know application and service dependancies

2> Know VDS switches , NIOC, SRIOV and cluster features inside and out.

3> Know how to calculate cluster and host size to scale.

4> Understand infrastructure qualities (A.M.P.R.S.C) very well.

5> Really understand the service dependancies in Auto-Deploy.

6> Really understand requirements, risks, assumptions and constraints without looking at any notes.

Now onto the VCAP5-DCA. Then VCIX-DCV and then VCDX-DCV.

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