VMUG Virtual Event – Technical Chat with Chris Colotti discussing the VCDX program


This is a transcript of the technical chat with Chris Colotti about the VCDX program. It was captured from the Feb 17th VMUG Online Virtual Event.

Scheduled Chat –Chris Colotti discussing the VCDX program
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[ 02/17/15 2:31 PM] Chris Colotti: Hola!
[ 02/17/15 2:31 PM] Tim.Davis: Howdy
[ 02/17/15 2:31 PM] Nikki Kueker – VMUG HQ: @Everyone – Welcome! Chris is your host for the next 30 minutes to discuss the VCDX program – let him know your questions!
[ 02/17/15 2:32 PM] Chris Colotti: Ask away! I will say we just posted on VMTN the list of 2015 VCDX workshop dates
[ 02/17/15 2:32 PM] Terry.Hashley: Que tal va todo?
[ 02/17/15 2:32 PM] James.Dove: Have you heard when VMWare is going to stop defend dates for vcdx5?
[ 02/17/15 2:32 PM] Chris Colotti: which will be run the day before certain VMUG’s!
[ 02/17/15 2:33 PM] Chris Colotti: @James, TBD but ther is always a cross over period when a new version comes out so until anythingn is published VCDX5 is still valid
[ 02/17/15 2:33 PM] Chris Colotti: Thanks to @Andrea for helping with the WWorkshop Dates!
[ 02/17/15 2:34 PM] James.Dove: How do you know if your design is complex enough?
[ 02/17/15 2:34 PM] Chris Colotti: @James you don’t it just needs to mee the items set forth in the blueprint…..there is no answer to if any design is complex enough, it just needs to meet the requirements in the blueprint
[ 02/17/15 2:36 PM] Terry.Hashley: For someone who implements VMware environments on a near consistent basis but doesn’t have his VCP yet 😦 what is you’re recommended path for a VCDX? I know it’s quite the workload in terms of courses that are required.
[ 02/17/15 2:36 PM] Chris Colotti: @Terry, well you have to meet the pre-reqs of VCP and the VCAP’s for the selected path. Really you need to decide which track first and complete the VCP-VCAP’s for that path
[ 02/17/15 2:36 PM] James.Dove: Any tips on last minute crams or things to focus on right before the defense?
[ 02/17/15 2:37 PM] Chris Colotti: @James…..LOL SLEEP!
[ 02/17/15 2:37 PM] Terry.Hashley: OK sounds good
[ 02/17/15 2:37 PM] James.Dove: 🙂
[ 02/17/15 2:37 PM] Chris Colotti: @James, seriously…..get your rest, if you did your job you just need to walk in and defend, nothing to really cram for in the defense stage
[ 02/17/15 2:38 PM] James.Dove: any info on the vcdx mentors?
[ 02/17/15 2:38 PM] Kaartik.Iyer: are there virtual courses available for prepping for vcdx like the one for optimie and scale ?
[ 02/17/15 2:38 PM] Chris Colotti: @Terry, I suggest chosing a good design that fits one of the 4 tracks about 80% and then work up to the application stage in that track. You cannot submit an application without all the pre-reqs though
[ 02/17/15 2:38 PM] Chris Colotti: @James, there is information in the new directory http://vcdx.vmware.com where mentors are listed….it’s up to you to reach out to them
[ 02/17/15 2:39 PM] Chris Colotti: @Kaartik there is no VMware course for the VCDX level that teach architecture, there are courses that map to the VCAP and VCP, but the VCDX is about validating your skills as an architect, not teaching architecture
[ 02/17/15 2:40 PM] Chris Colotti: VCDX really is about proving your skills as an architect….it’s very hard to go “Couch to VCDX” if you have never done any VMware design work.
[ 02/17/15 2:40 PM] James.Dove: do the VCDX workshops assist you with your overall design?
[ 02/17/15 2:41 PM] Chris Colotti: @James the workshops are only 4 hours and have ~25-50 attendees, they are intended to help you get tips and understand the process, not enough time to review individual designs. There is a paid 3-day course offered to candidates invited to defend that allows for that level of review.
[ 02/17/15 2:42 PM] Chris Colotti: @James if you get invited to defend, you would get the link to the 3-day VCDX Defense Prep course which runs the week before a defense.
[ 02/17/15 2:42 PM] Nick.Korte: How do people afford continuing education with VMWare for higher / different certs? Maybe the pay bump from higher certs?
[ 02/17/15 2:42 PM] Terry.Hashley: In your defense, you’re stating what you’re designing too along with your design, correct? So if you’re designing a standalone private-cloud site with offsite related backups you could be in the clear as long as your defense is solid.
[ 02/17/15 2:43 PM] Terry.Hashley: @Nick.Korte unfortunately most of the people i know it comes down to company funding that have better than a VCA
[ 02/17/15 2:43 PM] Chris Colotti: @Nick not sure the question, but most people get suport from their company
[ 02/17/15 2:44 PM] Chris Colotti: @Terry anything in the deisgn is subject to questioning by the panel, the offise backups would fall into the recoverability part of the blueprint.
[ 02/17/15 2:44 PM] Terry.Hashley: OK thanks @Chris
[ 02/17/15 2:45 PM] Chris Colotti: I would never say “you’re in the clear” on any aspect 🙂
[ 02/17/15 2:46 PM] James.Dove: does the troubleshooting section go along with your design, or is it random?
[ 02/17/15 2:47 PM] Chris Colotti: both the Troubleshooting and design scnarios are random and unkown to you, they are not related to your Design…it’s intended to see how you think on your feet in a customer role play situation
[ 02/17/15 2:47 PM] Chris Colotti: The workshops actually cover examples of these using retired scenarios
[ 02/17/15 2:48 PM] Chris Colotti: 34 people, must be more questions 😉
[ 02/17/15 2:48 PM] James.Dove: any recommended reading material?
[ 02/17/15 2:49 PM] James.Dove: don’t worry i can fill the next 12 mins, i’m stressed!!!
[ 02/17/15 2:49 PM] Chris Colotti: @James there is a few Vmware press books available. Don’t have them handy at the moment but there are a few VCDX related ones
[ 02/17/15 2:49 PM] Nick.Korte: So how do you, as a VCDX, stay current when something new like VSphere 6 is released?
[ 02/17/15 2:49 PM] Chris Colotti: @Nick there is an official “upgrade” process that involves sitting for hte design exam only to go from version 5 to 6
[ 02/17/15 2:49 PM] Chris Colotti: for example
[ 02/17/15 2:50 PM] Chris Colotti: we’ve had that process since VCDX3-DCV
[ 02/17/15 2:50 PM] Nick.Korte: That’s cool
[ 02/17/15 2:51 PM] Chris Colotti: yeah we’ve tried to keep upgrading easy….I posted a blog about how your VCDX does not expire….but it is “versioned”
[ 02/17/15 2:51 PM] Brian.Wall: Does VCDX require keeping all of the other certs (VCP/VCAP) up to date as well!
[ 02/17/15 2:51 PM] karlos.knox: Chris- is there anywhere to review previous designs/white papers on the subject?
[ 02/17/15 2:51 PM] Chris Colotti: @Brian…..that’s a touchy one…once a VCDX…always a VCDX…the upgrade does not require anything but passing the Design exams
[ 02/17/15 2:52 PM] Chris Colotti: we are working on an official statement RE: VCDX and lower level certs
[ 02/17/15 2:52 PM] Chris Colotti: @Karlos previous designs are never released to the public, there are a coupe examples posted on the education site.
[ 02/17/15 2:53 PM] Chris Colotti: @Brian I won’t give away more than that on the lower level certs at this time :)….just know we are working to explain it, but unlike other certs VCDX doe NOT expire but it can become “dated” if you never upgrade the vesion.
[ 02/17/15 2:54 PM] Chris Colotti: 6 minutes….how time flies
[ 02/17/15 2:55 PM] Chris Colotti: If there is no Q’s it hard to have A’s in a Q&A 😀
[ 02/17/15 2:55 PM] Michal.Hoppe: I’ve think you’ve covered many points. The VCDX process seams a bit daunting.
[ 02/17/15 2:56 PM] Chris Colotti: @Michal it is a lot of work but if you have a design you’ve already done for a customer….it’s not as bad as you think
[ 02/17/15 2:56 PM] Terry.Hashley: To what Michal is stating, it feels like it’s a highly protected certification to obtain so that creates a lot of overspeculation as to what it involves.
[ 02/17/15 2:56 PM] Chris Colotti: most people use a real design they worked on so it makes the process much easier…outside of the VCAP exams
[ 02/17/15 2:56 PM] Jason.Valentine: I think there is a value consideration when considering the VCDX, as an administrator I would be less likely to go through the trouble to get the cert. But there is much more value if you work for an integrator or partner.
[ 02/17/15 2:56 PM] Michal.Hoppe: That sounds fair. For my job role, I would have to create a design for a “fictional” customer.
[ 02/17/15 2:56 PM] Stanislav.Majzlik: Hi Chris, are there any known dates for defence in Europe already?
[ 02/17/15 2:56 PM] Terry.Hashley: So if you’ve worked for an MSP and had to implement a full VMware solution and then implemented that solution you designed, you can be *somewhat* prepared
[ 02/17/15 2:57 PM] Chris Colotti: @Michal that is true some people don’t have real world designs and it’s more work
[ 02/17/15 2:57 PM] Chris Colotti: @Stanislav the 2015 defense dates are all published on VMTN
[ 02/17/15 2:57 PM] Tim.Davis: Bunch of great info.
[ 02/17/15 2:58 PM] Chris Colotti: @Terry, you are certainly much farther along for sure. In my defense I used a real design…also some designs are done, but not implemented,, still coudl be a good design
[ 02/17/15 2:58 PM] Michal.Hoppe: So for how large of a customer should the design be? How many hosts/VMs/type of storage?
[ 02/17/15 2:58 PM] Chris Colotti: Not every building is ACTUALLY built that is designed 🙂
[ 02/17/15 2:58 PM] Chris Colotti: @Michal does not matter the size just needs to meet the Blueprint requirements
[ 02/17/15 2:59 PM] Chris Colotti: Honestly if you ANYONE is thinking aboutu VCDX…..READ THE BLUEPRINTS! 🙂
[ 02/17/15 2:59 PM] Chris Colotti: much of what you need to know is right there in them
[ 02/17/15 2:59 PM] Terry.Hashley: VMTN for the blueprints?
[ 02/17/15 2:59 PM] Chris Colotti: Education site….just Google VCDX blueprints
[ 02/17/15 2:59 PM] Chris Colotti: there is 4 one for each track
[ 02/17/15 2:59 PM] Brian.Wall: that’s why no one is asking questions… the blueprints already answered it 🙂
[ 02/17/15 2:59 PM] Chris Colotti: @Brian…..wells aid!
[ 02/17/15 2:59 PM] Chris Colotti: said
[ 02/17/15 2:59 PM] Terry.Hashley: Sounds good
[ 02/17/15 3:00 PM] Michal.Hoppe: Do you know if the VCDX mentors charge for their help? I was unable to find any in Canada, and only a few in the US.
[ 02/17/15 3:00 PM] Chris Colotti: AFAIK they volunteer their time
[ 02/17/15 3:00 PM] Chris Colotti: it’s a personal choice on their end to help people, I’ve never heard of anyone charging for their time
[ 02/17/15 3:00 PM] Michal.Hoppe: That’s good of them.
[ 02/17/15 3:01 PM] Chris Colotti: for some giving back to the program is helping others, for some it’s being a panelist
[ 02/17/15 3:01 PM] Michal.Hoppe: Do you *have* to be present to defend the design, or is tele-defending an option?
[ 02/17/15 3:02 PM] Chris Colotti: Today it is in person so you do have to travel, but we are looking at other options at some point
[ 02/17/15 3:02 PM] Brian.Wall: Is there a list of sites or does it move around?
[ 02/17/15 3:02 PM] Chris Colotti: we publish them in Q4 for the following year….2015 is posted already on VMTN
[ 02/17/15 3:03 PM] Brian.Wall: awesome I’ll go check it out
[ 02/17/15 3:03 PM] Chris Colotti: https://communities.vmware.com/message/2446592#2446592
[ 02/17/15 3:03 PM] Chris Colotti: https://communities.vmware.com/message/2473227 – Mentoring information
[ 02/17/15 3:05 PM] Chris Colotti: thanks everyone!
[ 02/17/15 3:05 PM] James.Dove: thanks Chris…

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