VMwares new Horizon Offerings

In light of VMwares recent partnership announcement with NVidia and the fact that they also recently purchased mobile device management company Airwatch and they also purchased Desktone last year, I’m sure that in the next few months you will see a lot more in the press about their new offerings.

A few big players are planning on a massive shift in the way users fundamentally use desktops. In this day and age, it’s adapt or die. The time of the PC is over.









IBM saw the trend and got out of the PC business a while back. Lenovo is now feeling the pain and HP and Dells desktop divisions are on the brink of bankrupcy.

Mobility is king now that the processing power of phones and tablets is on par or better than desktops from only a couple of years back. The solution to maintain the applications and ditch the PC is to go with a revenue generating Desktop as a Service model, or DaaS.

Recently there have been service announcements from Amazon and soon Microsoft as well of their DaaS solutions.

VMware has also formed a very smart partnership with google to incorporate the horizon suite in chromebooks, thereby further removing the need for high end PC laptops.

So I think 2014 will be the year that DaaS really comes out in full force and VMware will be positioned at the front of the curve while others play catch-up.

April 9th will be the big announcement of what is really planned for this year. Here is the video teaser for it.


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